5 months TWICE’s Chaeyoung Dodges Touchy Security Guard At Manila Airport And It Could Be For This Reason Koreaboo
TWICE landed in Manila, Philippines to perform for their world tour TWICELIGHTS, but fans noticed something strange. As TWICE were being guided through the airport, one of the security guards did something that made Chaeyoung react in an understandable way. He placed a hand on Chaeyoung’s shoulder to guide her in a specific direction, and she quickly moved away from him. She then folded her arms together, showing that she was uncomfortable.
Wow the amount of guard around them, kudos for real!! Good job!! #TWICELIGHTSinManila #TWICE #TWICE_TOUCHDOWNinMANILA @JYPETWICE pic.twitter.com/0FOh0tab3X — L NaHyo (@im_thinkinTwice) June 28, ... more