10 months TWICE’s Jeongyeon Entered an Open Chatroom Without JYP’s Permission, What Happened Next Is Devastating Koreaboo
TWICE‘s Jeongyeon recently uploaded an Instagram story, which revealed her attempt at connecting with her fans. The post includes a picture of Jeongyeon with a no-makeup face and captions typed all over it. “I’m doing well, ONCE fans.” “I entered an open chatroom without the company’s permission, but no one believed that it was me… I’m so sad… Goodnight!” In response, fans are expressing their disappointment in having missed their opportunity to chat with her.
정연 오픈채팅방이라니… — 머식이 (@snydbhmz) January 29, 2019 “I can’t believe Jeongyeon was in an open chatroom…”
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