2 weeks Ukrainian Rapper That Plagiarized BTS Suga’s “Daechwita” Posts Mocking Video Of Plagiarism Accusations Koreaboo
Ukrainian rapper, Alllex Black, was previously accused of plagiarizing BTS Suga‘s track as Agust D, “Daechwita”. His released single, titled “10K” was originally released as a single, then edited to denote that it was a cover. This occured after ARMYs quickly  made it known to BigHit Entertainment, who apparently, slapped Alllex with a warning. | BigHit Entertainment However, it seems like Alllex and his friend, Egor, are hitting back at fans. Recently, they uploaded a self-produced video clip to the song, “10K”. However, they decided to use posters with Suga’s face on it as props. | @malibash_/Instagram The two are ... more