4 weeks Upcoming Senegalese Girl Group Member Gains Attention From Netizens Koreaboo
A member of an upcoming girl group is gaining attention from K-Netizens on various online communities. | @b_fatou_s/Instagram Fatou Samba, known by Fatou, is a member of Black Swan, an upcoming five-member girl group under DR Music. | @b_fatou_s/Instagram Set to debut this October, she will be the main rapper, main dancer, and a vocalist of the group. | @b_fatou_s/Instagram She’s a ’95 liner, Senegalese, and is from Belgium. | @b_fatou_s/Instagram Being over 170 cm, it’s no surprise she also models. | @b_fatou_s/Instagram Her stunning visuals have earned her many comments from netizens. | @b_fatou_s/Instagram So pretty.. I’d believe she’s ... more