12 months Why Consumers in “Brownout Provinces” are Clamoring for the Approval of House Bill 8179 MB |Biz
While the national economy is as vibrant as ever, millions of Filipinos have been left behind in the dark. According to the Department of Energy (DOE), 12 million Filipinos lack electricity and millions more lack 24/7 electricity. A World Bank study notes that lack of electricity results in poor health and education, more criminality, and lower incomes. It is no coincidence that our country’s 30 poorest provinces are also among the 30 with the most brownouts. Dissatisfied consumers Consumers from these provinces have had enough. Groups such as “100% Brownout-Free Occidental Mindoro,” “Bantay PALECO” of Palawan, “Concerned Akelco Consumers” of ... more